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Mauritius Yacht Charter

The melting point of The Southern Indian Ocean

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Mauritius Yacht Charter

Mauritius Surrounded by moderate indigo waters, the Republic of Mauritius could rightly be called the melting pot of the southern Indian Ocean. Not only is this island nation an enchanting place to sail, it has a rich and sometimes surprising history. Mauritius and its twin island, Reunion, is part of the Mascarene Islands. Volcanic eruptions under the Indian Ocean created the archipelago millions of years ago. Mauritius lies at 20 degrees 9 minutes south latitude and 57 degrees 29 minutes east longitude, approximately 560 nm east of Madagascar. The republic includes the Cargados Carajos, Rodrigues and Agalega Islands. Phoenician, Arab and Malay sailors knew about the island as early as the 10th century, although the first reported European visitors were Portuguese in 1507. A Dutch fleet landed on the island in 1598, and named it in honor of Prince Maurice of Nassau. France took control of the island in 1715, but lost it to England during the Napoleonic Wars in 1810. Mauritius became an independent nation in 1968, and a republic in 1992.

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