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Yacht Charter Management

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Just in case it might be of interest have you considered your own yacht under charter management?

Tenrag are pleased to work with a number of existing charter operators and in some cases independently acting for you as a consultant. Our experience of over 30 years in this industry coupled with our experience of running our own operation in Greece makes us slightly unique.

Many thanks Roger, I appreciate all of your support to date

If we take for example Kiriacoulis (the largest operator in Mediterranean) they offer a number of schemes with a duration of between 3.5 and 6.5 years:


Management Package 1

You pay the full price of your desired yacht and receive a fixed amount of annual income.


Management Package 2

You pay significantly less (only part) for the yacht but do not receive any income


Management Package 3

You pay twice for the yacht again significantly less, firstly at the start and secondly at the end. Also possible an option not to pay the final part and just leave the yacht with Kiriacoulis with no further obligation.


Running costs – there aren’t any. All are covered by the operator.

You have the option to use your yacht (or any other within Kiriacoulis’ 23 bases)

  • Either 6 weeks low season
  • Or 3 weeks mid season
  • Or 2 weeks high season

Additionally another 4 weeks (2 weeks on your yacht and 2 weeks on similar) at short notice – 8 days prior to embarkation and subject to availability.
You pay only Euro 153.00 for administration and cost of any extras like insurance.

Do please feel free to contact us for further information and/or a quotation based on your requirements.

All went well and we had a fantastic vacation – thanks for organising the yacht.
Thanks also for organising the early check out – the yachts were ready at 12h30 for us on arrival day ( a record I have to say ). It was greatly appreciated and we were able to get away early and return at 09h00 on Sat which was great as it gave us an extra day on the sea.

The service was good from Kiriacaoulis.