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France Yacht Charter

French Riviera, Porquerolle Islands need we say more?

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France Yacht Charter

Tenrag are pleased to offer 2 bases in Brittany and can supply further information on request.

We also offer bases in South France; Antibes, Bormes Les Mimoses and Port Pin Roland.

Cote d’Azur If paradise means sailing in clear blue water, sunning on glorious beaches rimmed with palm trees, romantic island hideaways, first class cuisine and shopping, all surrounded by some of the best natural, cultural and historical sites in Europe, then let Dream Yacht Charter take you to a playground of kings and queens—the French Riviera. Cote d’Azur, or the Azure Coast, takes its name from Mediterranean Sea, which laps the coastline of southeast France. The region stretches 560 miles from the Italian border in the east, to Saint Tropez in the west. From our base in St. Mandrier sur Mer, Port Pin Rolland, on the western end of the Azure coast, you will experience awe-inspiring sailing along some of the earliest western trades routes. From Marseille to St. Tropez, the Iles d’Or (Hyeres) to the Calanques, there are resplendent beaches, majestic flora, and protected aquatic life. To the east, embark on a voyage to St. Tropez, Toulon or Hyeres, and explore the Iles d’Or: Porquerolles, Port Cros and Levant. St. Tropez has long been a favorite destination of artists, writers and celebrities. An early wine and cork trading port frequented by Greeks, Etruscans and Romans, St. Tropez became a fashionable “resort” in the 18th century, for its long, golden beaches and nearby Provencal landscapes. And it still aims to please, with fine French cuisine and designer shopping. The region is famous for its shipyards, and is the home of the “tan” and Brigitte Bardot. Toulon is known for its fountains and opera house. There are sheltered, sandy beaches in Mourillon and a cable car that runs up Mt. Faron. You can visit the Museum of the French Navy, and when hunger strikes, you can sample the famous cade toulonnaise and chichi fregi (a type of donut). Hyeres was a favorite spot of Queen Victoria; and Edith Wharton wrote “The Age of Innocence” there. A short distance inland is the oldest resort on the French Riviera. Known as Hyeres les Palmiers for its lush pine trees, this resort can be an enchanting interlude to your sailing vacation.

A lovely boat in Brittany a pleasure to sail

France: 7 days itinerary
Departure: Bormes Les Mimosas
Total distance: 144 nautical miles approximately
1st day: Embarkation 5th day: Agay – Iles de Porquerolles (46 nm)
2nd day: Bormes – St.Tropez (26 nm) 6th day: Porquerolles – Iles de Port Cros (10 nm)
3rd day: St.Tropez – Antibes / via Iles de Lerins (39 nm) 7th day: Port Cros – Bormes (7 nm)
4th day: Antibes – Rades d’Agay / St. Raphaël (16 nm) 8th day: Disembarkation