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Saling at it's most sociable

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Flotilla yacht charters – sailing at its most sociable!

A  flotilla is a group of yachts sailing together under the watchful eye of  a flotilla skipper on a lead yacht (along with an engineer and hostess). With a flotilla yacht charter, you are the skipper of your own yacht, and have  all the advantages of an independent yacht charter together  with the support and social atmosphere associated with travelling  together in a flotilla.

For this reason, flotilla sailing holidays are a popular choice for couples, friends and families and lend themselves to sailors with limited sailing experience.

To make the most of your flotilla sailing holiday, you follow a mapped out itinerary and we even organise some social events. You simply enjoy your yachting experience whilst soaking up the sun on the way to the  next port.


A flotilla yacht charter isn’t for everyone, so please look at our other charters or contact us on 01227 657450 or use the form below.