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Croatia Yacht Charter

A fabulous coast with numerous bases from Pula in North to Dubrovnik in South

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Croatia Yacht Charter

The Adriatic coastline with its clear seas, gentle summer climate, quaint villages and historic towns, is a magnificent cruising area, which reveals Croatia as the No 1 area for water sports.

The 5000 km long coastline is sheltered by chains of the 700 islands, amongst which there are many anchorages and harbours Croatia feats to every seafarer life style. You can find lonely and romancing mooring places as well as modern microcosms at the modern and well equipped ports and marinas of the country. Generous nature has garnished this rich and heterogeneous country with hidden bays, beaches, cliffs, karst, emerald groves, sea straits and vast high seas.

Loved the yacht (once you’ve tried a ‘cat’, you can’t get the family to go back).”

Istria, that is mainly the places by the coast. Small pearls with picturesque old palaces, with shining marble squares and bumpy alleyways. Porec, Vsar, Rovinj, Pula – places like those make stria and the Bay of Kvarner a magical area. In addition: You can reach Istrien very easily, from South Germany, Austria and North Italy it is only a couple of hours away from the peninsula of North Croatia. There we have our base, more specifically at the Marina Veruda next to Pula.

We were very impressed with Euromarine who seemed to have their act together and had nice new boats and well-maintained older ones.

If you rent a sail boat here, you will have to decide also: to follow a direction towards the north-western coast, sailing passed the small island Fazana towards Rovinj, Porec, Novigrad and Umgag (the whole coast part is by the way full of magical bays and small harbour towns). There, we also recommend: The blue-green Limski canal, which is twelve kilometers long and reaches the inner part of the area or the Brijuni islands, the summer residence of the the former Yugoslavian President Tito.

Great trip thanks.

Boat was in good condition and well maintained and Peta and Dominique were very helpful and friendly.

Or, from Pula you can follow the other route and sail among the rugged istrian southern edge heading to the north-eastern part – to the island of Cres with its numerous bays (for sure you have to visit: Valun, a picturesque small place). Or, towards the biggest island in Adriatic, Krk, and head to the place of the same name or towards Punat, a bay that is connected to the sea by only one small canal. No matter which route you follow from Pula – there will always be a sense of mix, which makes your cruise ideal – a mix of historical cities, small fish towns and isolated bays to moor your yacht.

We are just back from our latest charter  – we had a lovely week on the new SO 389, an excellent choice, followed by five days on land before returning home at the weekend.  Back to work yesterday.  The team at Euromarine were excellent, as was the boat.


Pula Departure

Departure: Pula
Total distance: 158 nautical miles approximately
1st day: Yacht take over 5th day: Rab – Osor (23 nm)
2nd day: Pula – Mali Losinj (35 nm) 6th day: Osor – Krnica (22 nm)
3rd day: Mali Losinj – Ist (26 nm) 7th day: Krnica – Pula (21 nm)
4th day: Ist – Rab (31 nm) 8th day: Yacht return

Trogir Departure

Departure: Trogir
Total distance: 108 nautical miles approximately
1st day: Embarkation 5th day: Komiza – Hvar (island Hvar) (23 nm)
2nd day: Trogir – Milna (island Brac) (17 nm) 6th day: Hvar – Split (22 nm)
3rd day: Milna – Vis (island Vis) (20 nm) 7th day: Split – Trogir (8 nm)
4th day: Vis – Bisevo – Komiza (island Vis) (18 nm) 8th day: Disembarkation

Zadar Departure

Departure: Zadar
Total distance: 150 nautical miles approximately
1st day: Embarkation 5th day: Skradin – Betina (28 nm)
2nd day: Zadar – Telascica bay (32 nm) 6th day: Betina – Iz Veli (25 nm)
3rd day: Telascica bay (Dugi Otok)- Zirje (28 nm) 7th day: Iz Veli – Zadar (18 nm)
4th day: Zirje – Skradin (19 nm) 8th day: Disembarkation

Weather & Wind

Usually in the summer the area is controlled by a north-western wind, the Maistral. It blows usually before noon, reaching 3 to 4 Beaufort in the afternoon, and it disappears again in the evening. On warm days with a calm wind you should also count on a sea breeze in the evening. The notorious Bora, a north-eastern wind, may bring along a wild southern wind, the Jugo.

The staff at base in Croatia were excellent and we enjoyed the yachting area – the Sun Odyssey sailed very well and we had a great time.