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Corsica Yacht Charter

With Ajaccio in The South West (cruising south and Sardinia) and Macinaggio North East (Elba and West Italy) there is a nice choice.

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Corsica Yacht Charter

Corsica The French island of Corsica lies southeast of the mainland in the Mediterranean Sea at 41 degrees 55 minutes north latitude and 8 degrees 44 minutes east longitude. Created by violent volcanic eruptions, Corsica is the most mountainous region of the Mediterranean; and is nicknamed the scented island because of the intoxicating perfumes that fill its maquis, or bush lands. Sometimes called a mini-continent, Corsica has 620km (385 miles) of coastline, more than 200 fine beaches, nature reserves and mountain retreats. A gentle Mediterranean climate has promoted rich forests of evergreen oak, and protects a wide variety of bird species. The Scandola Nature Reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Several endangered animals thrive in the southern alpine mountains of small, snow capped glaciers including the mouflon (a mountain sheep), and the Corsican red deer. In addition to its breathtaking natural beauty, Corsica is filled with history. Near the Tenrag Charter base at Macinaggio Marina, you can find 16th century architecture from its Genovese rule. Napoleon Bonaparte was born in the capital of Ajaccio, where his boyhood home is open to the public. Genoa ceded the island to France in 1768 and, except for a brief period of British occupation in 1814, it has remained French ever since. Corsicans have their own language, which is more Italian than French, and they certainly have a life style that is all their own.

Thank you Tenrag another excellent yacht in Sardinia. A brilliant area thanks for your recommendation. Thinking about Sicily next year, have a good summer

Days Itineraries Distance (nm)
1 Macinaggio – Centuri 18
2 Centuri – Calvi 40
3 Calvi – Girolata 20
4 Golf De Porto – Capo Rosso 20
5 Capo Rosso – l’ Ile Rousse 30
6 Ile Rousse – Saint Florent 20
7 Saint Florent – Macinaggio 30

Our main base is Macinaggio (north east), closest airport Bastia. We also offer charters in Bonifacio and Ajaccio.