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Bahamas Yacht Charter

With 29 islands, 661 cays and nearly 2,400 islets, The Bahamas is a true sailor’s paradise steeped in both history and lore.

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Bahamas Yacht Charter

With 29 islands, 661 cays and nearly 2,400 islets, The Bahamas is a true sailor’s paradise steeped in both history and lore.

The island group lies at 25 degrees 5 minutes north latitude and 77 degrees 21 minutes west longitude. This is where Italian explorer Christopher Columbus first made landfall in the New World on October 12, 1492, where pirates built a haven in the 1600s, and where many British loyalists made new homes following the American Revolution.

Tenrag Yacht Charter’s Bahamian base is located on Great Abaco Island at Marsh Harbor, and serves as our gateway to the stellar sailing grounds the islands offer.

The Abacos chain is formed in a boomerang shape and stretches nearly 130 miles from Walkers Cay in the north, to Hole-in-the-Wall in the south. The islands lie roughly 175 miles east of Palm Beach, Florida, and 106 miles north of Nassau. The outer cays and islands create naturally protected waters commonly referred to as the Sea of Abaco. Abaco is the second largest island in the Bahamas, and generally cooler than the other islands. Summer temperatures average 26.5°C/80°F to 29.4°C/85°F. During winter, the temperature rarely dips below 10°C/50°F

6-7- Days Itinerary

This itinerary is heading south of Marsh Harbor

 Day- 1 – Hope Town – Elbow Cay This cay is the most well known of the small colonial townships on the outer cays with its famous 130 year old lighthouse visible for miles around ‘ the hub of Abaco ‘. By calling ahead on vhf 16, moorings can be reserved from Hope Town Marina, Captain Jack, Harbors Edge or come alongside berths of Hope Town Marina or Lighthouse Marina where you can find, fuel, water, ice and marina services can also be obtained. For great restaurant & bars that can be access by dinghy; Harbor Captain Jack, Harbors Edges, Hope Town Marina are you’re options. Most restaurant opens for lunch at 11:30 am until. There are good food markets, boutiques and of course the Hope Town Dive shop. You can also visit the small but interesting museum. There are various restaurants that surround the harbor for your enjoyment and if you’re having lunch at the Hope Town Harbor Lodge beach side pool and restaurant you can take your mask, snorkels and flips along to enjoy some good snorkeling from their beach on the Atlantic side before or after your repast.

Day- 2 – White Sound Hope Town About three miles south of the entrance to Hope Town, you will find White Sound and the Abaco Inn with its small stern-to docks. This is one of your best bets for a good evening of dining out whilst in Abaco. If those docks are full there is the Sea Spray Marina close by providing alongside berthing, fuel ice and water. They also have a small informal restaurant at the marina. The navigable waters of White Sound are dredged and narrow so there are no moorings available and anchoring is not possible. Again, for either of these establishments call ahead on vhf 16.

Day -3 – Tahiti Beach A pleasant little lagoon anchorage with white sand beach and a grove of coconut palm trees protected from most winds except northerlies. Approximately two thirds of the way going south, you can anchor in the lee of Tilloo Cay just north of the Tilloo Bank. This is an open roadstead anchorage and therefor is exposed to all winds with a westerly content in them. It’s also a deserted island to explore along with its wild Atlantic shores on the east side. From Tilloo Cay you can dinghy over to Lubbers Quarters to (CRACKER P’S) restaurant & bar where they serve lunch and dinner. They are open from 11:30am until.
Day- 4 – Sandy Cay A daytime anchorage can be found on the west side of this cay. This will provide dinghy access to the reefs on the east side of the cay, which is part of the Pelican Cays Sea Park. All coral and sea life is protected here. There are some small moorings for you to tie the dinghy to when diving or snorkeling on the reefs. This is a very beautiful underwater area but you should be experienced at this game as the area can be exposed to Atlantic weather at times and also has crosscurrents sometimes from the nearby North Bar Channel.

Day -5- Little Harbour This is the most southerly of the harbors of the Seas of Abaco. A beautiful small Harbor protected from all points. Moorings are available from Pete’s Pub or you can anchor. At mean low water there is only 3.5ft across the bar. You will need half tide and above to carry a 5 ft. draft. If you arrive too early you can anchor on the west side of Tom Curry’s point and await the rise of the tide. If you need to, you can spend the night at anchor here and there is a landing jetty for your dinghy and it’s just a short walk to Pete’s. This anchorage is relatively well sheltered from most winds except for strong N.E. due easterlies.

Day -6- Man-O-War This historical township and cay offers marina berths, moorings as well as anchorage sites. Man-O-War marina is the best contact for berths and moorings – call ahead on VHF 16 to reserve either. They are located right on the towns Harbor but they can also be reserved for you in Eastern Harbor (sometimes known as American Harbor), the southerly haven inside of Man-O-War. You cannot anchor in the main Harbor due to the amount of congestion and private moorings already there. You can also find a day or night anchorage by Dickie’s Cay on the outside near to the shallow northern (dinghy) entrance into Man-O-Way Harbor. Here you would be exposed to winds from the south through to N.W. The location has easy access to the town with your dinghy and is good for a quick stop during the day for a visit or to go shopping. Water, food markets and general stores are available in Man-O-war. They DO NOT serve any alcoholic beverages on this cay but you can take you own beer or wine to the restaurant to have with your meal. You can also visit Edwin’s Boat Yard, which provides the opportunity to watch the process of sail making and repair. There is not much happening on this cay on a Sunday.

Day-7- Great Guana Cay This settlement has docking facilities in the bay facing southwest at the Grabbers Resort’s small marina. The resort can be called on VHF 16. With north and easterly winds you can anchor in the bay but do use two anchors, as the holding is soft and grassy. The bay tends to be exposed to any other winds and quickly becomes uncomfortable. If you use this anchorage please leave room and be considerate of the small resident fishing boats that use moorings here. The better anchorage is just to the north of the Grabbers Beach resort anchoring behind Delia’s Cay. Here you have easy dinghy access to the Resort’s northern side jetty. Although the holding is better than in the settlement’s bay to the south, it is still advisable to use both your anchors here too. This cay also has a white sugar-sandy beach stretching for 7 miles.