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Australia Yacht Charter

We are based in The Whitsunday Islands – Great Barrier Reef

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Australia Yacht Charter

Australia (The Whitsunday Islands) Australia’s Whitsunday Islands lie at 20 degrees, 15 minutes south latitude, and 148 degrees, 58 minutes East Longitude, off of the coast of Central Queensland. Although located in the tropics, the Whitsundays have an excellent climate because they are cooled by trade winds for most of the year. The waters are protected by the Coral Sea and Great Barrier Reef, and most islands are surrounded by a fringing reef system.

Hook Island Nara Inlet is our recommended first night stop.

Nara is easy to reach and its waters are sheltered so you will have a comfortable first night as you get used to the boat. There are several anchorages and moorings to choose from.

Stonehaven is popular, and if you are adventure minded, there are waterfalls to explore.

Langford Island This island is a long, mostly sandy, strip that nearly disappears at high tide! Langford is a fun daytime stop for a beach and for snorkeling on the western end. There are extensive reefs, however. Navigating through them is best in good light with a lookout on the bow. Hamilton Island Hamilton is a good mid-charter stopover to fill water tanks, drop garbage and shop. The island’s Marina Village has restaurants, bars, specialty shops, a bakery and supermarket to take care of any needs, food or otherwise. You can rent a golf cart and explore the island, or take advantage of an opportunity to stretch your legs on enjoyable walks.


Itinerary 1 Week

Day/night 1: Airlie Beach to Nara Inlet 13nm
Day/night 2: Nara to Cid Harbour or Gulnare Inlet 8nm/14nm
Day/night 3: Cid/Gulnare to Hamilton Island 7nm/3nm
Day/night 4: Hamilton Island to Whitehaven Beach 10nm

Day/night 5: Whitehaven to Cateran Bay 8.5nm
Day/night 6: Cateran to Butterfly Bay 10nm
Day/night 7: Butterfly to South Molle or Palm Bay 14.5nm/20nm
Day 8: South Molle/Palm Bay to Airlie Beach 8.5nm/12nm